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Clinklog 2.0!!!!

Hey! Check it out! Clinklog 2.0. Works pretty damn good, IMNSHO.
Felix is da bomb!

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Q3 2020 Maintenace

Yes, it is seriously nearly Third Quarter already. How the time does fly.

So, nothing serious scheduled this quarter. Should just be a reboot and off we go. Just a 1 hour window, this time.

1st July falls in the middle of a week, so it won't happen then.

Next proposed day is 4th July. So, here is the proposed time and date for our Q3 reboot:
Sat Jul  4 12:00:00 UTC 2020
Please note that is in UTC. Please do appropriate math to make it land in your timezone. Please also note that UTC does NOT do DST. UTC is always UTC. What other time-zones do as far as DST and such concerns UTC not in the least.

Please let us know ASAP if this will cause you great distress. “I don't want to be up that early/late” does not qualify as “great distress”… You don't need to be up. Just us here at MUSHPark have to be. That's what you pay us for.

Unless someone has convincing reasons to change, this will be the day and time at which the Q3 reboot will happen.

As always, if you have questions or concerns, you know where to send them

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