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More Stupid network: Why?

Annnnd...back. Why? Who knows. We'll be sorting out what to do...

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More Stupid network

I hate this network. Maybe not the network? Yeah, that's not likely. More info as it's available

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Stupid network

Another network blip. As suspected (at least by me). I'll be discussing things with nails.

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Down? Don't know yet

Not sure what's what, but we are unreachable. More as it becomes available.

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Network Fun -- Appears to be done

Annnnnnnnnnnd we're back. No idea what happened. Much frustration.

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Network Fun

Wow, these guys are great, right? Game server is up, but appears to be having issues reaching its default gateway. No gateway, no talking to anyone. So... We just have to ride it out. But the server is definitely up. I'll let you know when I've got more information.

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